Website Projects

  • Ramsay, Stattman, Vela & Price website home page and mobile view
  • TEDx Colorado Springs 2014 website project homepage and mobile page
  • RTA Architects website home page and mobile view
  • two example pages from whitewater kayaking website

From simple to complex, Maven's website projects clearly focus on showcasing our client's business and objectives. By integrating content that is designed to deliver an intuitive user experience, we can leverage technology to create design solutions. The focus is always on the end user; real people and real conversations. By using engaging layouts with sensible and straight-forward navigation, we can balance design decisions with business decisions. And as always, everything is mobile-ready, tablet-ready, laptop-ready, desktop-ready…right from the start.

Hit the link below to scroll through a full slideshow of examples.

Print Projects

  • CEA Medical Manufacturing magazine ad and sales sheet
  • Illustration example of a map that was published in a book called Sailing Elisium
  • Example designs of colorful business cards
  • Tri-fold brochure example on glossy paper with images and text

Print design is a fundamental part of the world around us and you’ll see visual messaging integrated into almost all areas of our lives. By creating well-designed visual communications, from print publishing and package design, we help our clients elevate their company's status. Aesthetics in layout and the psychology of color all play a vital role in communicating to your audience. Whether we use five-color off-set printing or quick-turn digital production, we always focus on the best way to convey a company's message.

Hit the link below to scroll through a full slideshow of examples.