Responsive Web Design

Maven websites are idea-driven, beautiful, interactive, and scalable. Connect with your viewers through their favorite device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop display. Our sites are all designed to detect the device they're being viewed on and adapt accordingly. This is referred to as responsive design. To see this in action, resize the width of your browser window and watch the content scale and reorganize to provide an optimal user experience.

responsive web design.

Responsive Framework

The responsive layout is built with Gantry and based on Twitter's Bootstrap Framework to provide a flexible responsive design.

Easy and Inviting to the User

Don't lose customers because they can't read or navigate your site when they're on a phone or tablet. Content is easily visible and optimized for each device. No more zooming in and out or scrolling from side to side.

Mobile Touch Events

The extensions are built to work with a responsive layout and support mobile touch events such as swipe, pinch, and touch hold.